SVN Repo Browser Pro

The SVN Repo Browser Pro allows you to browse an SVN repositories content from your iPhone® or iPad®. The directory structure is displayed with the latest repo version, change date and author for each directory or file. Change logs and associated changed file paths can be displayed for any directory or file. Keyboard short cuts are available for most application functions. Any text files contents can be viewed and syntax highlighting is supported for several programming languages such as XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, C, C++, Objective-C, Objective-C++, Swift, Java, C#, Go, LaTex, Perl, Python & Ruby. Also supported is the viewing of many image file formats (jpeg, png, tiff etc), pdfs and office documents (MS Word®, Excel® and Powerpoint®).

Branches or tags can be created if the appropriate directory structure exists in the repository.

HTML files can be displayed as HMTL source or as a rendered web page (the application will try to retrieve included style sheets and Javascript files from the repository). Previous revisions of a file can be shown in both display modes.

Text files can be shown annotated with svn blame information and differences between different file versions can be shown. On the iPad version the last file viewed or the last file difference viewed is always displayed.

Protocols supported are http, https, svn and svn+ssh. User authentication with user name and password is supported for non-public repositories (and required to authenticate via ssh, keys are not currently supported). The app maintains a persistent list of repositories and connects to a repository when the repository's row in the repo list screen is selected. A free version of this app is also available. It does not include the ability to view files and it is not optimised for the iPad.

This application requires iOS 11 or later and supports the iPhone 5s and all later iPhones. The iPad Air and all later iPads are supported. On iOS 13 Dark Mode is supported.

Application Details

Repository List

Tap the Repo table row to open repository and display root directory.

Tap the '+' button to display the edit screen and enter the details of a new repo into the edit screen shown below.

Tap the accessory button to display the edit screen and change the details of an existing repo.

Tap the edit button to rearrange the repository list or to delete one or more repositories from the app (or swipe to delete).

Edit Repo Details

The repository name can contain spaces.

The repository path must start with the protocol (http://, https:// or svn://).

User name and password can be left blank if not required for repository access.

If used, the password is saved by default. This can be disabled with the switch

This application will store user credentials only on the device it is installed on. See the privacy policy for more details.

Directory List

The Edit (repo details) button is active only for the root directory.

To see a directories files and subdirectories, tap the directory row.

Tap the accessory button to show the change log for a subdirectory or file and the log button on the lower right of the screen to see the current directory's change log.

The Info button on the lower left shows information about the current directory (svn info).

Tapping the refresh button on the upper right will reload the directory information from the server.

File View

On the iPhone a file's content is shown when a file is selected. The back button returns to the directory list or change log.

For plain text files, tapping the search button will display a search string entry field.

The diff button will display a list of the most recent commits and when selected the file view will show the changes between the versions of that file.

The iPad normally shows the last file selected in the right hand pane with the svn revision for that version of the file or the file differences between selected versions. However, the file view can be maximized to make full use of the iPad's screen size (shown here).

View Differences

The Diff button becomes active when a text file is displayed and the recent change history has been retrieved from the server.

Tapping the diff button displays the change log (see below).

On the iPad, the change log displays in a popover. On the iPhone, the regular change log view is displayed.

Selecting a version other than the currently displayed version will dismiss the change log and show the file differences. The RWD/FWD buttons can be used to navigate to the previous or next difference and become active when there is a previous or next difference to navigate to.

Change Log

Tap the more button or pull up to load older change log entries.

Tap the refresh button or pull down to reload the log entries and display any new log entries.

Tap a log entry to see a full comment and a list of changed files.

Commit Details

The comment area is scrollable.

The iPad version uses a popover to display the details.

Changed paths that are not a sub path of (or equal to) the current path are shown grayed out.

A badge indicates the operation performed for each changed file path

  • Modified
  • Added
  • Deleted

File subpaths can be selected to show the content or the disclosure indicator wil show the changes committed to that file in the diff view.

View Blame Information

In file view, tap the Blame button to show commit annotations with the file contents. Tap the Clear button to remove the annotation information.

The annotation will appear immediately above the file content it applies to. The information displayed is revision number, committer, commit date and commment.

Any original file content syntax highlighting and formatting is preserved.

Branch Or Tag

Tap the folder icon from a directory (or log). A popover will appear with repository information about the directory. If the directory is under a trunk/branches/tags structure, Branch and Tag buttons will be active. Tapping either will display an input screen for the tag or branch name and commit comment. If a valid tag or branch name is entered, tapping the Branch or Tag button will popup a conformation dialog. After confirmation, the new branch or tag will be created.

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