SWPR Solutions - SVN Apps for iOS

SVN Repo Browser and SVN Repo Browser Pro allows you to browse your SVN repositories from your iPhone or iPad. Navigate through your repo's directories viewing change logs for any directory or file. For each log entry change sets with commit comments can also be viewed. Both applications optionally allow the password for a repository to be saved with the path and user id.

Protocols supported are http, https, svn and svn+ssh. User authentication with user name and password is supported for non-public repositories (and required to authenticate via ssh, keys are not currently supported). The app maintains a persistent list of repositories and connects to a repository when the repository's row in the repo list screen is selected.

Upgrading to the Pro version provides the following additional features:

The file viewer can display the content of text files with syntax highlighting for supported programming languages such as XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, C, C++, Objective-C, Objective-C++, Swift, Java, C#, Go, LaTex, Perl, Python & Ruby.

Also supported is the viewing of many image file formats such as jpeg, png, tiff, pdfs and office documents (MS Word®, Excel® and Powerpoint®). HTML files can be displayed as HTML source or as a rendered web page. Files can also be exported to other applications for viewing

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